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Monday, November 8, 2010

Good News

I've gotten a few different pieces of really good news the last few days.  One of them is not yet publishable but it will be soon - suffice to say it made for an exciting day yesterday though.

The other news came this morning, just as work was starting to overwhelm me.  I got an email - a travel itinerary from Southwest.  My friend is coming from Kansas to visit me!  We'd been talking about her coming but then it looked like it wouldn't happen, but everything ended up working out and in a little less than a month I'll get to see Mrs. P. for the first time since her wedding in May!

I needed that news today; not being able to run has been harder on my psychologically than I thought it would be.  I see my doctor Wednesday and I hope I'll have something more to report by then besides "my leg hurts."  I know that gets old ;)

I've also been checking out ShoeDazzle tonight - I'm going to blame Jenn for exposing me to this.  For all my shoe-minded readers go check it out, the shoes are a steal and they're super cute!

What happened to brighten your Monday?

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