Race Schedule

Saturday, October 30, 2010

We'll Run 'Til We Drop. . .

I had a really, really bad run today.  Not my first bad run, won't be my last, I'm very aware of this.  What upsets me is that this particular run happened to my last long run before my race next week.  

I've been doing exceptionally well the last few weeks but a few days ago I started feeling some tightness in my left leg and then some actual pain Thursday when I went out with Courtney. I rested Friday and thought by this morning I'd be good to go but I was having the same pain again.  Instead of the 8 miles I had planned, I walked a slow 3.

I'm resting, icing, stretching, all that good stuff.  I'm not in severe pain when I walk but I am a bit sore.  I'm torn between going out tomorrow and trying to run this off or resting a couple more days. 

I know nothing is going change my run next Saturday that much right now but I really, desperately do not want to be injured. More than anything, this is a mental blow. I was feeling so confident (probably the most I've ever been so close to a race) and now I am...well, not.

This race is going to turn into a mind game I think, so I'm going to get my game face on.  This time next week I'll have met HoCho 15K and there's a chance only one of us is going to be standing at the end.  I'm going to run until I drop - and I only intend to do so on the right side of the finish line.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

There's an Exception to Every Rule

Tonight is my exception.  I'm training for a 15K (as you all know) and I've been off booze, junk food, taking it easy (2 cups ONLY) on the coffee.

Sometimes you have to break the rules.

All I have to say is this:  A good friend takes you out for a drink when you've a bad day.  A best friend buys you a bottle of wine and helps you drink it while you're both wearing your PJs.

Tomorrow I'll have to start running again so if you think of it, shoot me a message and remind me to hydrate ;)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Lecture to No One in Particular

This post is partially a follow up to Courtney's post on negativity and partially a reaction to what happened yesterday following registration for Boston.  Beware, Becca is a little hacked off and there is (mild) adult language ahead.

For those of you who don't know, after registration closed yesterday, the BAA facebook page was besieged by angry, rude people who were upset about not getting a spot and evidently decided charity runners are to blame.

Now, I'm biased because I AM a charity runner, but I have to say I'm disappointed for a number of reasons, the least of all being that we're all adults and the fact that these people are conducting themselves in a manner befitting a school yard bully or two year old prepping for a tantrum is mildly ridiculous.  I understand you are disappointed.  Perhaps you should challenge yourself and join one of the wonderful charity groups participating in next year's marathon to get that spot you covet so much you have to use mean and hateful language to express your disappointment.

I recommend Team in Training.  Perhaps when you realize how hard we charity runners work, not just training, but fundraising too, you'll sing a different tune. Running builds character.  Some of these runners need to build a bit more character, it would seem.  I think completing any event with TNT will show them the TRUE spirit of charity runners.

The other reason I'm disappointed is this:  Last week, on our Saturday morning group run I discussed with Amanda and Michelle the recent negativity that has popped up here and there (such as people suggesting if you walk a few miles on a marathon course in 90 degree heat that you didn't really run a marathon).  I said I was really upset by these comments because I have found the running community to be a supportive environment that welcomes anyone that wants to be there.  Can everyone run a marathon?  No, I don't think so, there's a mental element to endurance events and some people just haven't got it.  But is everyone welcome to try?  HELL YES.

To the people anonymously spamming blogs telling people they aren't runners because they walked a few miles I say this:  Put up or shut up.  If you're going to talk like that, then at least own up to it.  Oh, and make sure to tell us what YOUR marathon time is too.

Quite honestly, if I was confronted with this sort of bull shit when I started running I probably would have turned around and walked back into my house and never started.  I had friends and family to support me, and now I have even more friends, a wonderful, loving community of people I've met online who offer encouragement and advice.

Running is the one sport that should welcome everyone.  Yes, there are elite divisions and some are faster than others, better than others, more experienced than others.  But we all fall under the same category:  We are RUNNERS.  We train hard and long, we fight through illness and injury and doubt, during tough races we encourage each other and when those races end, we should embrace each other in the same way.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today is 10-10-10.

Today would have been my grandmother's 96th birthday.  Grandma was a bad ass, and if I live to be 95 I hope I'll be a rock star little old lady just like her!  We lost her in July but in the last year I learned a LOT about perseverance from her.  So today is happy birthday Grandma, she is dearly missed but certainly not forgotten.

Yesterday I wanted to talk about my run, but I decided to hold off until today because I didn't want to psych out anyone who was running the marathon this morning.  I really did have a great run yesterday, I ran through the next neighborhood over and the change of scenery was great.  I did three miles in that direction, came back by my house, stopped for more water and popped a couple sport beans.  I headed right back out - and it was HOT by then.  I ran in my own neighborhood after my break.  We have fairly heavy tree cover but it didn't make a difference.  I went through four bottles of water on that run and if I had been able to carry more it certainly wouldn't have gone to waste.   The whole experience made me very nervous for all the runners headed out this morning.   I'm so glad everyone made it alright!  I'm hearing a lot of "It was hot and I'm exhausted" but nothing as bad as what happened in 2007.  Congratulations  to all the finishers, everyone earned their bragging rights today!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Six Facts

1)  I got in a 5 mile run this morning - and it felt AWESOME.

2) I am multitasking hardcore right now.  Blogging, baking, watching the Blackhawks raise their Stanley Cup banner, watching Kona on my computer and keeping an eye on all my Tweeps running Chicago.  Oh, and I've got about six craft projects scattered about.

3) I heard rumblings on Twitter today that Team in Training raised over 1 million for the Chicago Marathon! (Okay, that's not a fact, its a rumor)  Here's the fact:

4)  TNT is an incredible organization and I am so proud to be an alumae.  GO TEAM!

5)  The Chicago Marathon begins in 10:10:10...yeah, that's a total fluke, I just happened to check the clock and I thought that was pretty cool.

6)  This isn't a fact either, but just a little reminder to everyone running tomorrow morning:   "When your legs are tired, run with your HEART!"

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Who is Going to Stop Me?

Yesterday I registered for the Hot Chocolate 15K.  I'd planned do this race for a while and it is part of my goals for the 100 Day Challenge.  The race is one month from today.

I haven't been great about running since I've been sick, if I'm totally honest.  I did get out for one Saturday morning run right after I started feeling better but that's more or less all I've done in almost a month...yikes!

Tonight I was going to run no matter what, I've got just enough time to get ready for my next race.  Courtney is still sick, so it was just Amanda and I.  We ran a different course which was a nice change of pace, and its pretty flat and not as dark, too.  I think we'll be sticking with that course for our evening runs for a while.

I have my training plan and I'm excited for this race - I've never done this particular distance, so I'm really looking forward to it, I do like trying new things!

Now I just have to keep myself on track through my training.

We all have our goals and each is important to us in its own way.  But we are the only ones that can accomplish these goals, no one can accomplish them for us.

So I'll leave you with this:

"The question isn't 'who is going to let me;' its 'who is going to stop me?'" - Ayn Rand