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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Failure is a Detour

First and foremost, I want to encourage everyone to visit Jenn's blog to read her post from today.  She's got something to say, its important, so please take a moment out of your day to check it out.

And back to our regularly scheduled programing:

I have to make a choice in the next 24 hours.  Saturday is the race I've been training for.

If I had to decide if I will run right now, I would say no.  I'm not feeling confident this is going to change.  This is a big disappointment to me but I'm currently in pain even while walking.  I don't think I would finish this race if I started and even if I did I'm afraid I would come out of it seriously injured.

I will see my doctor next Wednesday (Mr. Popular couldn't get me in any sooner) but until then the plan is rest.  I hadn't planned on a Turkey Trot this year, but if he clears me to run I may register for one after all.

I'm a little mad and extremely disappointed by this turn of events, I was really looking forward to this race and I've been working really hard training for it, and I've done a little wallowing this week but I'm ready to move past it....

So I present you with Plan B:  Triathlon Training!  I'm going to hit the pool, I haven't set foot in my gym in weeks and its time to get working on improving my swimming for next summer's Tris!

Please share, how do you cope with injury and illness that interferes with your running?


  1. Well take it from the expert who has had 2 injuries, the same exact one, in less then 6 months from one another. When I was injured I focused all my energy toward reading inspiring blogs, cross training (biking, swimming..), and focusing on races you plan to run in the near future when you are healed to run.

    You made a VERY SMART decision not to run that race this weekend, if you are injured you do not want to push it anymore. Just rest, and ice until you see the doctor. If your 15K registration said you were going to get a tshirt and may be other things, then you should go pick that stuff up :)
    It is always nice to have another tshirt or long sleeve, bonus if it a tech tee!

    I hope I get to do a tri with you next summer!!!! :)

  2. I'm totally going to pick up my goodie bag, Jess. We get a tech jacket with our registration, and there's a little expo....and I have the afternoon off work. Might as well have a little fun :) I'm really looking forward to doing a tri with you too, you're going to have such a good time!

  3. Thanks for the linking.

    And yay for tris...they still terrify me!