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Monday, November 15, 2010

Bustin' my Bootie!

Tonight I joined Amanda's Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge!

I know, I'm already doing Courtney's 100 Day Challenge, right?  However, the 100 Day Challenge is almost over - we're already on day 85 -  I can't believe it!  December 1st  I'll be posting to discuss my progress over those 100 days.  December 1st is also my next doctor's appointment, so hopefully we'll have lots of good news then!

So, why start up a new challenge before I'm done with the last?  Well, these are two different challenges, while I can (and probably will) set my own goals for the Bootie Buster, this challenge is structured differently and right now I think its just what I need.  It award points for activity and that's definitely where I'm struggling now.

I've been doing okay eating well, which is very important since my activity level is way down right now.  I've worked out once since the last time I was able to run.  Yep.  That's it.  Once.  In two weeks.  But once every two weeks isn't enough (no matter how careful I am about what I eat).

I've lost 20 pounds this year, which isn't a lot in a year, but I lost that weight slowly and the way I wanted to lose it - so that it will stay off.  My first weight loss goal was to make it to the same weight I was at when I started college.

I'm finally there.

This is by no means a final goal, but its a start and I'm not giving it up over a minor injury, so I'm digging into the Bootie Buster Challenge starting November 20th.    This is the accountability I need right now.

I'm not looking for a miracle right now.  I will be absolutely perfectly happy to make it through the holidays without gaining any weight.

Who else has a goal for the rest of this year?


  1. Hey Becca - 20 lbs in a year is fantastic. That's 20 less pounds then last year! I'm a firm believer in losing slowly and keeping it off! Great job!

  2. wow 20lbs, that is great!! It took me a couple years, not one to lose that. My end of year goals are to really run some great miles and stay injury free!