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Saturday, October 30, 2010

We'll Run 'Til We Drop. . .

I had a really, really bad run today.  Not my first bad run, won't be my last, I'm very aware of this.  What upsets me is that this particular run happened to my last long run before my race next week.  

I've been doing exceptionally well the last few weeks but a few days ago I started feeling some tightness in my left leg and then some actual pain Thursday when I went out with Courtney. I rested Friday and thought by this morning I'd be good to go but I was having the same pain again.  Instead of the 8 miles I had planned, I walked a slow 3.

I'm resting, icing, stretching, all that good stuff.  I'm not in severe pain when I walk but I am a bit sore.  I'm torn between going out tomorrow and trying to run this off or resting a couple more days. 

I know nothing is going change my run next Saturday that much right now but I really, desperately do not want to be injured. More than anything, this is a mental blow. I was feeling so confident (probably the most I've ever been so close to a race) and now I am...well, not.

This race is going to turn into a mind game I think, so I'm going to get my game face on.  This time next week I'll have met HoCho 15K and there's a chance only one of us is going to be standing at the end.  I'm going to run until I drop - and I only intend to do so on the right side of the finish line.

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  1. Becca - don't worry. Stress all week. Do something other than running (maybe just walking or light cross training). Rest for Sat! Good luck Sat if I don't see you!