Race Schedule

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Six Facts

1)  I got in a 5 mile run this morning - and it felt AWESOME.

2) I am multitasking hardcore right now.  Blogging, baking, watching the Blackhawks raise their Stanley Cup banner, watching Kona on my computer and keeping an eye on all my Tweeps running Chicago.  Oh, and I've got about six craft projects scattered about.

3) I heard rumblings on Twitter today that Team in Training raised over 1 million for the Chicago Marathon! (Okay, that's not a fact, its a rumor)  Here's the fact:

4)  TNT is an incredible organization and I am so proud to be an alumae.  GO TEAM!

5)  The Chicago Marathon begins in 10:10:10...yeah, that's a total fluke, I just happened to check the clock and I thought that was pretty cool.

6)  This isn't a fact either, but just a little reminder to everyone running tomorrow morning:   "When your legs are tired, run with your HEART!"