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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Runners Wanted!

Last year I committed to run Ragnar Relay Chicago with a group of women I know through Twitter.  We formed Team Online Relationship.   Unfortunately, as we've gotten closer to the race several runners (myself included) have had to leave the team due to personal and work conflicts.  I will be volunteering for Team Online Relationship but my current work situation prevents me from running.  At this time, we have 4 runner slots open and they are as follows: 

In Van 1: 
Runner 2: Leg 2 (4.5miles), Leg 14 (4.5miles), Leg 26 (6.8miles): 15.8 miles
Runner 5: Leg 5 (6.3miles), Leg 17 (3.2miles), Leg 29 (2.9miles): 12.4 miles

In Van 2: 
Runner 7: Leg 7 (4.7miles), Leg 19 (3.7miles), Leg 31 (4.9miles): 13.3 miles
Runner 11: Leg 11 (5.5miles), Leg 23 (4miles), Leg 35 (8.3miles): 17.8 miles

Please keep a couple things in mind:

You'll probably need to take Thursday June 9th off of work for travel to Wisconsin and definitely Friday June 10th since the race starts that morning.  

Registration: $90
Hotel room in Madison, WI Thursday night before the race: $35
Van rental: $35
Gas for Van: $??
Food: ??
If you are coming from out of state, airfare: $200++

I'm not trying to scare you off but I want you to have all the details in mind! Now if you're interested and this sounds doable for you,  please e-mail Courtney ASAP at

Thanks! I hope you can join us! :)

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