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Monday, April 18, 2011

A Few General Updates and a Dream

I've got a quick laundry list:

1) I did something to my peroneal tendon (no clue when, but its been going on a while).  Went to a new doctor and was diagnosed with tendinosis.  I'm out 3 weeks minimum and I'll be starting therapy this week.

2)  I may not have mentioned it before but I've been unemployed for 6 weeks.  I got laid off the beginning of March.  But I officially accepted a wonderful new job today.  Its a much, much better position than what I left and I really happy about it.

3) I will not be running the Illinois Half Marathon because of the aforementioned injury but since the job situation has stabilized, I'm still planning to go to Champaign to spend the weekend with Courtney, Aaron and Jenn.  I've appointed myself the official cheering section.

Which brings us to the dream....

As all my regular readers have probably figured out, Courtney and I have been friends since we were kids and have kind of been adopted into one another's families as a result.  Her mom is like a second mother to me....and I evidently haven't seen enough of her lately because I had two dreams about her this weekend.  The first was Friday when Courtney crashed at my house and it was weird and random, something about her making us ice cream.  But then Saturday night I had another dream about Momma Fran.

There's been some speculation that tomorrow RunDisney is going to announce a Tinkerbell themed half.  Courtney's mother loves Tink (so does Courtney, for the record).  So in my dream, the race is announced and Momma F. calls me and tells me she wants to run it but she wants to surprise Court at the start line so we can't tell her about it (what?)  No Problemo, Momma, I say.

We proceed to spend weeks training her in secret for this race and it angers Courtney to no end because she can never find us.  Momma F. and I make it to race day and are at the start (in the wee hours of the morning, it IS a Disney race, after all) but our plan falls apart because we can't find Courtney anywhere.  We start the race and finally at mile 10, we come across Courtney.  We're overjoyed, we've spent months secretly plotting this huge surprise.  And Courtney (brat!) turns, sees us, and says Oh hey guys, having a good race? That's it.

Do you think the Tink race is going to happen?  (I hope so!) Anyone interested in running a Tinkerbell Half Marathon with me?  And am I the only one who dreams about running?


  1. I suppose I should have read this yesterday since now we know the Tink Half IS a reality!

    So, will you join Courtney and run it? I'd do it if the timing were different. I've already committed to WDW that month, so I just can't do it - especially since I'm doing Vegas in December. So many races, such little time (and $$$)!

  2. bahahahahahha I have had many running dreams too. And they are always about running in a race, not a casual run down the street.

    I already told Courtney if y'all run that Tinkerbell half, I am down too!!!! :)