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Monday, February 21, 2011

Lesson Learned

I do a lot of cooking in a slow cooker.  I cook the majority of my family's meals but I'm almost never home from work before 6:30 - and I don't usually want to cook then.  So my solution is to throw everything in a slow cooker and let it simmer away while I'm out earning my living.

Mondays are almost always slow cooker days, the day is a bit more bearable when you stop and think that while you're working, your dinner is cooking itself and will be waiting when you get home.  Usually on Sunday afternoon or evening I do whatever prep is involved with my meal.  All I want to have left in the morning is to dump every into the pot and turn it on while I'm drinking my coffee.

Yesterday (Sunday) I was lazy.  Its extremely rare for me to have a Sunday with no family obligations or massive piles of laundry - or, well, anything.  I had nothing on the calendar this Sunday.  So I did what I wanted to do:  I finished my grocery shopping and I sat around reading food blogs.  All.  Day.  Long.

I started a new nutrition plan today and I had a lot of recipes to look up and research to do still.  So my Sunday afternoon slipped away. And so did Sunday night.  Then I did the one thing that for some reason usually makes me feel accountable - I tweeted I was going to get up and work on Monday's dinner.  Well Tweeps - I didn't follow through.   I fell asleep in my bed watching an episode of Gilmore Girls instead.

This morning, I had work to do.  I had breakfast to make.  I had lunch to make.  I had dinner to make.  Three meals all before work?  It all started pretty innocuously.  I poured my coffee, got breakfast started and then turned my attention to dinner.

It still wasn't too bad at this point.  Yes, it was cutting into my GMA watching, but there's consequences for being lazy, right?  I had picked an easy enough recipe, I had to cut up some veggies but really scrubbing potatoes and carrots was the most strenuous thing I had to do.  I was feeling darn proud of myself.  Until I started on the liquid portion of my dinner.  This is a stew like recipe (I'll share later) and it only has a little liquid - stock and white wine.

There is always wine open in this house.  We drink wine with dinner pretty much every night.  But today, when I needed just a half cup of wine, I couldn't find any open.  I kept digging through the fridge sure I'd find a half empty bottle of wine.  I did not.  So at 7a.m. on a Monday morning I had to open a bottle of wine.  As I was standing over the wine rack in my fuzzy slippers while my father questioned if I was drinking before work, I realized this all could have been avoided if I'd just quit procrastinating the night before.  Ah, hindsight.

Lesson Learned.  Procrastination: 1; Becca: 0

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