Race Schedule

Sunday, February 6, 2011


I've got a problem.

A couple weeks ago I pulled the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon from my schedule because it just didn't seem like it was happening.  I had no travel plans, another race 4 weeks later, and worst of all, a baby shower was going to interfere.  The baby shower got moved but I just decided I would let this one go.  In the spirit of a true Cubs fan I decided I could wait 'til next year.  

I don't think I can wait 'til next year, though.  I've put off quite a few races this year because of costs, lack of travel time and scheduling conflicts.  Some of those were tough choices for me but for some reason, Lincoln is not letting go of me.  I thought I had settled down and moved on but I was asked about it at yesterday's Bad Girls group run and I can NOT get it out of my head.  

I'm fixated and I really don't want to wake up on April 2nd and regret that I'm not in Springfield.   I'm not putting Lincoln back on my schedule today.  And I'm not registering today.  But I'm not ruling it out.  

I don't understand it at all but I feel like I need this race.  Lincoln isn't a big, popular race.  Its not flashy, there's no on course entertainment, no fancy perks, there's more or less no race swag and no expo. But its 13.1 miles of historic Springfield sites and I think the simplicity is what's drawing me in.  I'm a history nerd.  I geek out so hard on this stuff, this race is my dream race.

I need advice, people.  Have you ever had a race eat at you like this?  What did you do about it?


Yeah, I'm running.  Thanks to Jenn, Lincoln is going to happen.  She jumped on an innocent tweet and short story long, she'll be meeting Courtney and I in Springfield to run Lincoln!  Massive props to Jenn for giving me the shove I needed.


  1. I'm so happy I could give you the little push you needed to make this happen! I'm so excited to finally meet you and Courtney.

    And for what it's worth, I've really come to enjoy the smaller races. The Texas Marathon is still my absolute favorite race ever...650 runners in a small town. Perfection.

    Now, bring on the penny :-)

  2. Glad you decided to do it Becca. It's easy to say "put if off til next year". I was going to suggest that if you felt that April was too soon, you could do another one later in the year. Just a thought. Good luck!

    And glad you guys were able to do your group run yesterday!

  3. That's actually a race I'd like to do. I'm a total history geek too. And Springfield is not too terribly far for me. Plus I think think the giant penny medal is just cool. I can't do it this year, but I'm hoping to put it on the schedule for next year. I can't wait to hear about your experience!

  4. Awesome! I figure if it is yelling at you to do it then you are totally meant to!