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Monday, December 13, 2010

Lost and Found

I seem to have lost my motivation.  Have you seen it?

I have another of factors working against me right now, not the least of which is that I had to make a tough decision last week.

I've taken Disney's Princess Half off my race schedule for next year.  I'm incredibly bummed about this especially since my mother was planning on making this trip with me (it would be the first time she came to a race). There were quite a few reasons I called off the trip, but we'll just say that being a grown up really sucks.  A lot.

So now my next race is the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon in April.

Unfortunately, with nothing to train for, I'm not feeling very motivated, especially on days like today.  When I was on my way home from work the wind chill was hovering right around zero.  I did not go back out to work out.  I don't even feel that guilty about it.

So if you see my motivation, give it directions home, okay?  Thanks :)


  1. Ah bummer, you're the second person tonight that I see has set aside the Princess for another year.

    If I find your motivation I'll let you know and stick it in the mail ASAP!

  2. You know I was think, Illinois Half Marathon is the same month as Lincoln. Are you gonna do both?

  3. Is the Lincoln half the one that's in Springfield?

    My motivation is lost also - maybe it's hanging out with yours? lol...

  4. Mine is lost too...when I find mine, maybe urs will be there with it and I'll send it over!

    You can do the Shamrock Shuffle in March/April. It's 5 miles. Just something to train for so you can find motivation.

  5. You'll find your motivation after the holidays are done, I just know it.